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New Viscoplastic Model for Design Analysis of Tunnels in Squeezing Conditions

TitoloNew Viscoplastic Model for Design Analysis of Tunnels in Squeezing Conditions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsDebernardi, D, Barla, G
Refereed DesignationRefereed
JournalRock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
Parole chiaveconstitutive laws, creep, relaxation, squeezing conditions, time dependent behaviour, viscoplastic behaviour

This paper is intended to describe the SHELVIP (Stress Hardening ELastic VIscous Plastic) model, a new viscoplastic constitutive law which has been developed to incorporate the most important features of behaviour observed in tunnels excavated in severe to very severe squeezing conditions. This model couples the elastoplastic and time-dependent behaviour by using a plastic yield surface, as frequently adopted in tunnel design analysis, and the definition of a state of overstress referred to a viscoplastic yield surface. The model is formulated in all its detailed aspects. The related analytical closed-form solution for representing triaxial creep deformations is developed. Also developed is an incremental numerical solution for describing the triaxial stress–strain behaviour under constant strain rate conditions. The model is shown to fit very satisfactorily the results of creep tests on clay shales and relaxation tests on coal specimens, as recently performed for design analysis of tunnels in squeezing conditions.

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